The Voice Nigeria Season 3

Client: ITV Studios

The Voice Nigeria is the Nigerian franchise of the TV series The Voice. It is a singing competition that features music enthusiasts and professional performers. Since its first edition in 2016 in Nigeria, the show has become the most significant rival to the Nigerian Idol. It has also produced many talents and celebrated artists in the country and Africa at large.

As the ENG Director of Photography for Season 3, spanning 18 episodes, of The Voice Nigeria (broadcasted from March 2021 to July 2022), I spearheaded a dedicated team of nearly 20 skilled professionals. This team encompassed adept camera operators, accomplished sound recordists, proficient grips, and adept lighting crew members.


In this pivotal role, I collaborated closely with the show’s director, translating their vision into the visual language of the production. This involved making critical decisions about lighting design and framing to ensure every scene was captured with precision and creativity.

Africa Business Day 2023, Baden, Switzerland

Client: Swiss Africa Business Circle (SABC)

The Africa Business Day is the largest annual platform in Switzerland for doing business in and with Africa. The event brings together CEOs, managing directors, country managers, business development managers, export managers, bankers, investors, government officials, and Swiss and African Embassies/Missions representatives to exchange on issues that affect them directly in their day-to-day business.

SABC entrusted Ibrac Media to produce an impressive highlights video for the 2023 occasion. Our careful process comprised identifying important players for insightful interviews and choosing significant event details that called for inclusion in the finished product.

For this project, we used a dynamic mix of interviews against the backdrop of the event, a variety of lively clips that showed attendees participating in lively networking sessions, and a curated selection of video from important main and breakout sessions.

I participated in this project as a producer, camera operator, and editor, lending my varied experience to the effort as a proud employee of Ibrac Media.

Auxano Team - Gallup Global Strengths Course training presentation


Auxanõ Team has been chosen and officially endorsed by Gallup® to serve as their exclusive representative for the training of strengths coaches in France and Switzerland. As they prepare to introduce their team and showcase the unique value they bring to their training programs, a video production is on the horizon. Auxanõ enlisted the services of Ibrac Media to create a compelling video for their marketing endeavors in France and Switzerland. I had the privilege of taking on the role of director and cinematographer for this project. Our video shoot spanned two days and covered two distinct locations. The responsibility of managing the camera, lighting, audio, and teleprompter was placed squarely in my capable hands.

Road to Carbon Neutral Episode 7 (from 15:50)


The transition Nigeria will make to carbon neutrality by 2050 depends heavily on hybrid energy. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions while meeting the increased demand for energy by integrating different fuel sources. The potential of hybridization is demonstrated by Norway’s accomplishment in raising renewable energy to 87% of total energy. Leading the way in low-carbon energy R&D is TotalEnergies, particularly in terms of incorporating renewables into industrial cycles. The influence of novel energy solutions may be seen in Nigeria, where solar PV cells and improved storage have dramatically decreased gas oil use and CO2 emissions.

Latitude Space Africa was engaged by NBCUniversal to shoot the segment featuring Nigeria. Our team of three included myself as the cinematographer and director, along with a photographer/drone pilot and a sound recordist. The shoot took place at the Rite Food Factory in Sagamu and the Total Petrol Station in Lagos.

The Nigerian Afghanistan Localised Preparedness Emergency Response (C19 NALPER)in Benue, Kaduna and Borno States.

Client: Christian Aid, Nigeria

Christian Aid’s C19 NALPER project seeks to support Internally displaced people, returnees, and vulnerable households in hardest-to-reach areas through the challenges of COVID-19 in Afghanistan and Nigeria communities. The project was implemented in Benue, Kaduna, and Borno States.

Latitude Space Africa was given the job by Christian Aid to produce short and long-form documentaries that highlight the effective ways that the C19 NALPER initiative has been implemented in Nigeria. We created several micro-documentaries, one of which was filmed in Ihun, Vandekya Local Government Area, Benue State.

At Latitude Space Africa, we took considerable care to pinpoint important individuals in diverse places. We expertly portrayed the difficulties faced prior to the intervention through a combination of interviews and open depictions of daily living.

Thanks to intelligent questioning and thorough footage organisation, our storytelling method expertly caught the individuals’ sincere feelings and transforming journey. I took on several roles in this film, guaranteeing its success as the producer, director, cameraman, and editor.


Histoplasmosis in Nigeria: Determining the Burden Among Advanced HIV Patients.


In partnership with the Medical Mycology Society of Nigeria, Unitaid and CHAI are helping to better understand the burden of histoplasmosis by screening 1,000 AHD patients across ten sites in Nigeria. This work is led by Dr. Rita Oladele, Professor in the Department of Medical Microbiology & Parasitology at the University of Lagos in Nigeria, and funded by the Enhanced Partner Network as part of Unitaid’s AHD Initiative implemented by CHAI. By identifying the true burden of this histoplasmosis, this ongoing prevalence study enables decision-makers to inform national policy guidelines to ensure histoplasmosis is regularly screened for and diagnosed among patients with advanced HIV disease, ultimately saving lives and improving health outcomes.

Latitude Space Africa was commissioned in 2022 to produce a video on the study of histoplasmosis in Nigeria. I worked as the producer and post-production supervisor on the project.


OmoWunmi (Short film)


OMOWUNMI follows the story of a stay-at-home mom who quit her job and relocated to a different city to be with her husband. Several years and a baby after, she attempts to pick up her career from where she left off, but the hurdles soon spiral out of control and force her to question her choices. CAST Zara Udofia Ejoh Paul Utomi Olive Emodi Bukola Ogunbodede Harry Dorgu Ethan Osakwe CREW Producer/Director – Hadizat Ibrahim Writer – Aishat Abiri

I worked as the Director of Photography on this project.

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