As a standout videographer based in Geneva, Switzerland, I offer exceptional videography services distinguished by their top-tier quality. You’ll find that my rates are both competitive and commensurate with the outstanding value you receive. Equipped with state-of-the-art cameras, lighting, microphones, and grip gear, I’m primed to deliver stunning visuals. My portfolio boasts collaborations with esteemed organizations such as The World Bank Group, L’Occintane, Swiss-African Business Circle, and Geneva Lions Basketball. Count on my experience to use unmatched videography to realise your idea.


I am a top-notch event photographer in Geneva, Switzerland, will elevate your event. I specialise in capturing each exceptional moment with a great eye for accuracy and artistry. Discover the difference with my premium service, which is designed to capture the memories of your important moments. In particular, I’ve done photography work for prestigious companies like Gavi and The Vaccine Alliance. Put your trust in my experience to turn your event into a treasured visual memory.

Video Editing

As a seasoned video editor based in Geneva, Switzerland, I employ Adobe Creative Cloud and Davinci Resolve to deliver exceptional results. My extensive experience includes freelance work for renowned organizations like Gavi; The Vaccine Alliance, as well as voluntary contributions as a video content producer for Hillsong Geneva and Komunikon. My expertise lies in interviews and story editing, where I meticulously review every frame of interviews and b-roll footage. This allows me to artfully piece together raw footage, crafting a compelling narrative that takes viewers on an impactful journey. Rely on my skills to bring your vision to life through seamless and captivating video editing

Video Marketing

Increase your brand’s presence with my expert video marketing services. As a Certified Digital Marketing Professional and seasoned videographer, I bring a unique blend of expertise to craft compelling strategies tailored to your business.

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Introducing my carefully curated videography packages, designed to deliver exceptional value for your visual storytelling needs. From dynamic 30-second social media content clips to immersive 5-minute corporate/brand documentaries, each package is crafted to offer maximum impact without breaking the bank. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, I ensure that every moment is captured in its essence. Let’s bring your vision to life, beautifully and affordably. Explore the packages and let’s create something extraordinary together.

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I bring with me 17 years of videography expertise, I’m a seasoned storyteller through the lens. My competitive prices ensure exceptional value. Trust me to bring your vision to life.

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